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The system is broken for injured workers.  The deregulation of workers compensation has resulted in poor medical treatment, unfair compensation and human dignity abuses against injured workers.  Many injured workers and their families have fallen into dire consequences from these abuses, leaving them ill, impoverished or abandoned with no legal remedies or allies.

Countless injured workers are being forced onto social security disability in order to obtain healthcare and to survive.  This billion dollar cost-shifting scheme, placed onto the public’s shoulder, leaves corporate-industrial actors free from accountability and remiss to take action to prevent injuries and protect public health and safety. 

Injured workers unjustly suffer and die every day.  You may be the next injured worker.

Unite with the Injured Workers National Network.  Let us build unity.  Let us build a community. Let us build a network. 

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Please note that IWNN does not provide legal services, legal advice or medical assistance.
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